What God said meant most to SOOGI?

As each one has recieved a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God! (1 Pet 4:10)

你 们 要 作 神 各 样 恩 赐 的 好 管 家 , 各 人 照 着 所 领 受 的 恩 赐 彼 此 服 事 。 (彼 得 前 书 4:10)

Simply One Of God's Instruments

Till date, SOOGI has trained more than 1,000 Christian performers locally and overseas.

More than 31,200 seeds were sown to audience through Children Musicals, Christian Bilingual Drama and Cantonese Opera at various churches and para-church organizations.

Praise God for 500 souls who responded through this ministry.


目前,以陪训超过 1,000 名新表演者,通过福音默剧,粤剧,话剧与儿童音乐剧表演。

在本地与海外观众禾场内播下超过 31,200 福音种子。

我满心的感谢赢得 500 救恩。

SOOGI Elderly Ministry 稣器乐龄事工


“Thanks—on the whole, we are happy with the drama, especially on the way it brought together the different generations of our church. We are also glad to see many new friends and visitors during the performances. We are grateful for the part you played, and trust God for the fruits of our Christmas outreach.”

Finishing Well Ministries, Rev David Wong, Leadership Mentor (1 Mar 2012)

“Thanks you for writing the skit’s script and all the rehearsals and trainings. May God richly bless you and use your talents and gifts for His glory. God bless!” …. “Your acting role on Good Friday was a difficult one yet you did well. With no props to support you, somehow you managed to pull it off.”

Lighthouse Evangelism, Senior Pastor Rony Tan (22 Jun 2009) and (22 Apr 2011)

“Thank you so much for traveling to Kuala Lumpar to minister to our congregation in Drama Workshop. We appreciate your ministry to us and would like you to know that we have been richly blessed. We ask the Lord to continually pour down His blessings upon you and your ministry as we advance the interest of His kingdom.”

Lighthouse Evangelism, Pastor Samuel Sam (2 Jul 2011)

“The strongest strain in your ministry was the message of a life given up for God's purpose for us. Your boldness and clear perception of how you wish to be used were evident to me. Keep this clarity unadulterated as the days go by. A clear understanding of His
calling serves us well in times of adversities. Thank you for your

Revival Christian Centre, Rev Tony Tan (2 Jun 2010)

“The youths definitely enjoyed the workshops, and since we are
a new ministry, the workshops added a lot of value. I liked how you had a selection of clearly defined courses that made it easy for me to pick and choose. Also appreciated that you have a spiritual perspective on drama, and had experience in pastoral work too. This made it easier for my youths to be discipled through ministry.”

RiverLife Christian Church, Sis Quek Shi Wei, Church Youth Worker (7 Jul 2010)

“It is rare for Christian artists who really love doing art yet willing to take a back seat with regards to performing but to give their lives to equip others instead to pass on skill (and faith) to Christian youths, who will continue to use art for God's sake. It has been a very enjoyable experience working with you. Your presentation of your creative work is also very clear. I was so thankful to God for providing the precious help through you. Thank you for the partnership and the fellowship in the work. Praying with you for the work and more Christian workers will see that evangelism can be done using drama and music :)”

Singapore Youth For Christ, Bro Randy Yeo, Executive Staff, Youth Worker (13 Sep 2010)

“The drama was simple, however, all the actors and actress put up their best in this Hakka mini-musical. (I can’t ask for more due to such short time-frame). Overall, I’m pleased with everyone’s effort. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! God bless.”

Hakka Methodist Church, Rev Chin Yan Chong, Pastor-in-charge (30 Dec 2010)

“Keep progressing into God's calling. I am sure one day you'll be one of the most talented drama artistes found in Singapore. I've faith in you because God gave you the talent and passion. To God be the glory.”

Lighthouse Evangelism, Sis Joyce Chow, Personal Assistant of Senior Pastor (6 Dec 2009)

SOOGI Thanksgiving Video 稣器感恩片

Friday, January 27, 2012


Christopher Lee, Artistic Director for World-in-Theatre (WiT): Pamela Lee is an excellent steward of the Lord who serves as Drama Coach and teaches at many of the churches in Singapore. She also has many inspiring personal life stories beyond her work in the arts & entertainment. In addition, Pam also has a rare talent- she is one of the youngest and finest Cantonese Opera actress in Singapore. Dear Pam, let us charge on together on the different fronts of this common line we are on. Christ's kingdom shall be advanced powerfully! Bringing love, faith and hope to where there are none. Hallelujah! :)

Kimberly Cresaman, local based theatre practitioner(CITA): "Speaking of fresh young passionate theatre artists, I recently met up with Pamela Lee, has founded SOOGI (Simply One of God’s Instruments). She is a whirlwind of energy and developing many projects and contacts for training dramatists in churches. I'm so glad to see you doing so well!"

Rich Swingle, foriegn based theatre practitioner : " Pam, Great to see your vision in action! I'd love to do something in conjunction with SOOGI.Lifting you up in this outstanding work!"

Bruce Kuhn, foriegn based theatre practitioner : " Pam, great to talk and trade ideas with you after Dramatic Story-Telling Theartrical Workshop. Faith & Courage!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


" I first met Pamela at the auditions. During the auditions, I thought I did not do well and was pretty worried. Thank God He still gave me a role in this musical. He knows I have many other commitments and being a reserved person. God is good!! I got to know every one of the cast!!It may be the end of the musical but I thank God that we are still in contact with each other and our bond is closer than ever. God bless everyone and I hope we can work with each other sometime again!感谢主安排贵人在我的生命里,一路帮助我!在试演期间,我觉得我应该是没戏演了。但感谢主,衪还是给了我一个角色。 主是有大能的,衪看到我在角落一个人独自坐着,就帮我敞开心跟其他演员交谈并融入他们。我要为了大家再次感谢主。希望很快又能和你们一起工作,再见,愿上帝祝福你们!
Prisca Teng, 16, Student, Cast (12 Jun 2011)

“Thank you, Pamela, for your patient leading of our ‘family’ in the drama. May God bless you and enlarge your tent. May the Lord prosper your ways and multiply the fruits of your labour for His glory. Glad to have the opportunity to work with you.”
Tan Siok Cheng, 60, Retired Teacher, Cast  (8 May 2011)

“A big big thank you to you, Pamela, for the many guidance, patience, encouragement, prayers throughout the whole process. Fun workshops and her artistic directions during rehearsals. Most of all, she gave her love to our team. 
I cannot bring myself to believe even at this moment (after the drama) that I have actually overcame my stage fright. Nothing is really impossible for Him when we choose to believe and trust. 很感谢你,丽娥,谢谢你一路来的引导,鼓励和祷告。我和戏剧演员们组正式见面了,当时丽娥正在为排练作艺术指导,并要为戏剧加入有趣的元素。很多时候,她给我们组的人很多关爱。即使是在表演结束后,我还不能让自己相信我真的已经战胜了舞台恐惧症。哈利路亚,赞美我们全能的主!只要我们选择相信他,在主没有不能成的事。
Helen Teo, 50, business women, Cast  (8 May 2011)

“Dearest Pam, your direction and leadership has been an eye-opener. I can now see how drama and ministry can be weaved! Thank you for this privilege to work together.” 
Jacklyn Kong, 30, School Drama Teacher, Cast (8 May 2011)

“Thanks Pam for all of the messages you have conveyed to me. May all of us learn more through Drama. God bless you.”
Mak Sue Ann, 20, Graduate of studies in South East Asia, Cast  (24 Apr 2011)

Su Teng, 20, Manager, Cast (24 Apr 2011)

 “在表演时肢体动作是必须的,我还需要蹲下并移动脚踝。我进退两难,既不想在剧痛中挪动脚踝,又不愿意退出表演。我希望能够在街道上通过表演,向人们传递关于主耶稣的信息,告诉他们耶稣是怎么为了我们的罪死在十字架上的。 然后我开始为我的脚踝祷告,很奇妙地“我的腿好了”能快快康复,为耶稣基督而表演。
赞美上帝!这是我经历过的最好的事了!感谢丽娥。 想念你,也爱你!希望能再次有机会一起工作!The body movement required during the performance would have me squatting and move my ankle. I was in a dilemma. I didn’t want to move my painful ankle as I had sports injury but I don’t want to back out on the performance either. I wanted to send a message out people at the streets about Jesus and how he died for us on the cross to pay for our sins. Praise God! My leg was healed miraculously and I joined the performance. I miss you and I love you! Hope to work together again!”
Grace Quah, 16, Student, Cast (23 Dec 2010)

 “You taught us how to start thinking of the script from nothing. I would like to thank you for helping us kick start the drama rehearsals. You gave us comments about acting; the props list was very useful. You went through with us about the sounds/lightings/what to do which was very useful too. The youths were excited and stayed committed too.”
Sis Sherlyn Ang, 25, Youth Leader (3 Jun 2010)

SOOGI Volunteers

"I met Pam in my church drama ministry. I learnt and grew in this ministry with prayer support and advice from Pam in life. She has also been my mentor in the ministry. Praying for my studies, my O levels and also in poly and future studies overseas and also not forgetting Dramalight too!

Our friendship was built over 4 years. Through the years, Pam always showed a strong yearning to serve the Lord through Drama. SOOGI envisions spreading the gospel through stage drama. The starting of SOOGI was tiring and lots of hardwork was put in. We called churches and schools, sending letters and administrative work etc. Nevertheless, we had our fun moments as well. Chit chatting while folding the letters and pasting the stamps with Zapple (the pet dog) to company us as we worked from her home.

One of the most encouraging moments was Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church answering the phone. He expressed such eagerness to have drama workshops held in his church. This led to a youth drama prepared within 1 month. I was really touched when watching their rehearsal. It was effort well put in. Many new friends attended the performance. More than 80 were keen to know Jesus more, while 9 rededicated their faith and 6 received salvation.

I have left the country future studies in Australia and will continue to keep SOOGI in prayer."

(Jamie Chan, SOOGI pioneering volunteer since Feb 2010)

"I knew Pam through a youth follow-up ministry. We have become prayer mates via sms over the 4 years. Thanks Pam for your prayers for me regarding my work. I’ve seen how God open doors of opportunity for me. It’s really amazing and I am thankful to God.

I volunteer at SOOGI during Christmas Special 2010 as prayer warrior and videographer. I shared the vision with Pam that spiritual support is important. Also, the videos will leave good memories when participants grow older. I practiced video shooting during the final rehearsal. Their performances are admirable given the short practice time and no acting experience. 5 of my family members who are pre-believers attended SOOGI’s performances too. I am very appreciative that Pam took time to talk to my family after the performances too!

There were a total of 39 Christmas performances of which I have volunteer at 5 events. I watched varies drama and mime performances at different venues. Of which, 3 days were continuous so I felt overstretched. I hope to have more volunteers in future. I wish SOOGI continue to equip Christians to serve God through drama and touching lives through its performances.

This year, I will remember SOOGI in my prayers and volunteer whenever I can. I’ve recently attended and enjoyed the SOOGI Seed Time where we worshipped and share drama inspirations together."

(Loo Wen Pin, SOOGI volunteer since Dec 2010)

"You are simply one of God's ‘special’ instruments! Yes, you are. And you know? What you are is God's gift to you and, what you become is your gift to God. Isn't this so wholesome and beautiful?

I knew Pam as cell group friend since 7 years and have grown spiritually with her at Lighthouse Evangelism. As we meet from time to time and through our activities together, there's always something striking that impressed upon me. I'm encouraged over breakfast chats and guitar learning. I see how Pam puts use those talents God has bestowed upon her and in turn how she have yielded to Him and render to glorify His Kingdom. I have no experience in drama and was glad to be part of SOOGI’s work for God’s kingdom. I volunteer at SOOGI during Christmas Special 2010 as prayer warrior and photographer along Orchard Road at CCIS events where glow mime was performed before thousands.

Pam, I wanna say thank you for sharing your walk with Christ with me. That to me is a blessing! I really enjoyed SOOGI friends many whom I've met for the first time during thanksgiving lunch. I’ll be joining you more often. God is good! God's love and mine to you all!"

(Ann Kiong, SOOGI volunteer since Dec 2010)


正在失落时,去年中我在一次郊游中第一次看到Pamela,短暂的寒暄后,也没再多聊。我那时候刚开始工作,觉得压力蛮大,每天也挺忙。 在之后的教会活动中,我们渐渐熟悉。 她主动找我吃饭聊天,彼此多了了解。知道我是中国人,中文应该不错,就问我能不能帮忙翻译一些她的主内分享。我的英文其实不好,但因她之前也是做护士,所以想她的故事应该不难翻译。 拿到她的稿子后,开始时真的不好做,左右衡量,不知用哪个词才能更好的表达她的意思。但因为是在侍奉主的关系,心情还是愉悦的。

之后知道她和主内的兄弟姐妹这些年来都在“稣器” 心灵治疗演艺坊戏剧侍奉。他们努力地编剧,排练,表演,把主的爱以这种方式展现给世人。Pamela 也邀请我帮忙翻译剧本。我幸运地,因为能尽我的微薄之力帮到他们,很是喜悦。我觉得这是主在垂听我的祷告,给了我新的机会能以另一种方式侍奉他。期待“稣器”的演出也望有机会与你们会面。"

(Jane Zhou Xin Xin, SOOGI Volunteer Chinese Translator since Jan 2011)

"Pamela is the ‘special one’. Now that I have seen the video of SOOGI, I must say that
the LDC class of 2011 is so proud of you. Your family members, hubby must also be proud of you, so are our church members ‘Lighters’, those who know or may not know you.

Knowing Pamela since Jan 2011 through Lighthouse Discipleship Centre is my privilege to be in the company of one so talented. Perhaps, and I think it is, that your life-calling had been chartered by God. We are so pleased and grateful to Jesus - the way He has touched you, healed you, and blessed you with this gift of performance that brings joy to the people.

Towards the last part of the SOOGI video, a sense of nostalgia swept over me. Your opera performance reminded me of my childhood days. Our domestic help Ah Sum, would listen to the Redifusion the whole day listening to the Cantonese operas and "Lei Tai Sor". As for talent: "Nei Hai Tak in The Lord!"

Congratulations to you receiving the Advance Certificate in Christian Ministry. Our prayer for you and hubby will be for God to prosper you in health, wealth and happiness. May God bless you abundantly. (John 10:10)"

(Ong Cheng Meng, SOOGI Prayer Warrior since Apr 2011)

Dear SOOGI supporters, may Lord Jesus continue to use SOOGI and Pamela to enrich your life, drawing closer to Him as you avail yourself in co-labouring with His beloved servants. A Bible verse I leave with you that may encourage your hearts in continuing your good works. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9-10.

Pamela has been a good teacher in guiding me on the administrative procedures and outreach efforts in the context of faith work which I will not have the chance of exposure in secular jobs. I had also the rare opportunity to learn basic acting, stage management and directing from this multi-talented sister. Father God has caused my 3 months faith work with Pamela to be fruitful and insightful. I connect this opportunity as an equipping course which will aid in my future long-term missionary work. Also, I have personally witnessed God’s timely interventions and blessings upon Pamela’s works to ensure the smooth execution and perfect outcomes.

Pamela, thank you very much for your kind guidance and superb efficiency in all works! I shall be deeply appreciative of this faith work ministry!All these could only be possible by the unmerited grace and unfailing love of God, Lord Jesus and His indwelling Holy Spirit. Amen!

(Liana Yeo, SOOGI volunteer since Jun 2011)

I met Pamela 5 years ago at the my church bible study class at church when I was 13. I agreed to volunteer as I just finished my O-levels and having time before Polytechnic started.

The past 3 months with SOOGI has been an interesting journey. I was involved with administrative support, making calls to churches and alumni, helped to package last Christmas DVDs for distribution to churches. I learnt that prayer before I start writing a script is important. God has given me some inspirations on the script like the jokes so we could engage audiences. I also got to see SOOGI drama rehearsals, recording of dialect translations and helped out as a technical support for CNY Elderly ministry.

I particularly enjoyed cataloging songs for the Children’s ministry. I always had a passion to serve Him through the Children’s ministry. This task was really enjoyable as He showed what songs would be best used to glorify His name and that the children would benefit greatly off. I felt really blessed to be able to be involved in serve God through SOOGI.

My prayer for SOOGI is that not only more volunteers would serve through SOOGI but also more lives would offer their hearts to God. Come to see Him as their Lord and Savior, Friend and Father. I hope that more God-loving hearts will volunteer for SOOGI and see more lives touched by the word of God. It has been a fantastic journey serving God through SOOGI!

(Cheryl Ng, Spacemonkey!, SOOGI volunteer since Jan 2012)